Dental Veneers

5 Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

Reasons You Might Need Dental Veneers

Do your teeth not look as optimistic as they once did, are there minor structural flaws or damages, do they chip or crack? if you found yourself responding yes to any of these questions, then dental veneers might be good for you. We bring you forth a non-invasive solution to fix these problems. 

Dental veneers, also called porcelain veneers, are thin shells attached to the front side of your teeth. It is a popular cosmetic treatment used by many people in the USA to enhance the look of their smile. 

However, veneers cannot replace lost teeth and can only be put on teeth free from decay. If you are looking for a method to enhance the look of your smile, then here are five reasons why you must consider getting dental veneers in Orem: 

1. Versatile Veneers

Dental veneers can correct numerous cosmetic concerns with a single treatment. By having veneers put, you can fix discolorations, irregularly shaped or sized teeth, tilted or overlapping teeth, damaged teeth, and teeth with gaps between them. Not only does this let you the bother of experiencing numerous dental courses, but it also saves you plenty of time and lots of money. 

2. Minimally-Invasive

As mentioned before, dental veneers stick to the front side of visible teeth. To place dental veneers a thin enamel layer will need to be removed. It is necessary because it allows the Veneers to suit the front of the teeth without looking plumpy or fake. In some cases, low prep or no-prep veneers may also get used, which only need minimal to no enamel removal. Having your teeth prepared for dental veneers is the most intrusive part of the process. It doesn’t even go more in-depth than your external layer. Not only that, but veneers preserve your natural tooth structure. 

3. Alleviate Tooth Sensitivity

In cases where you already have delicate, shabby, or damaged enamel, veneers can help soothe tooth sensitivity. Because they act as a protecting wall between the natural tooth structure and temperature triggers liable for driving sensitivity. Therefore, rather than having the stimuli hit your enamel, it will hit the veneer instead. 

4. Range of Makeover Options

Veneers also give you a scope of smile makeover options. For example, a single dental Veneer may get employed to repair a damaged tooth, two Veneers to close a gap between two teeth, and multiple veneers to totally makeover your whole smile. With Veneers, you have the flexibility to tailor your smile makeover precisely how you want it.

5. Natural Appearance

Some people are concerned that getting veneers will make their teeth look unnaturally flawless or plumpy. When veneers get placed by a professional cosmetic dentist, they have a positively true-to-life appearance. It is the reason why a thin layer of the enamel gets removed so the veneers will blend in effortlessly with your natural teeth. Most people won’t even tell you to have dental veneers; they’ll only notice your beautiful smile.

Get Dental Veneers In Orem

A smile is the first thing everyone notices about you, and we know you want to flaunt your beautiful smile that compliments your looks, Contact us today. 

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