Dental Implants

8 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular:

Dental implants are one of the most impressive technological evolutions in dentistry. They allow for natural tooth replacements that don’t just look like your natural teeth–they serve as your natural teeth, too. These dental implants are treated just like your natural teeth in terms of what you eat and how you maintain them, so they are, for all purposes, just like another set of your natural teeth.

And they can last as long or longer than your natural teeth. Some people have had their dental implants for almost 40 years! And we can presumably depend on implants lasting 20 years or more with proper upkeep.

Why Dental Implants Are Immense Popular?

1. Dental Implants are long-lasting.

The only modern tooth replacements with the potential to last long are dental implants. It is uncommon to restore implants the same way you would for fillings or bridges. The purpose is for them to last for decades, if not for the rest of your life. To make it possible, you need to take good care of them.

2. More Durable Than Other Types of Restorations

One of the most extreme effects of tooth loss is the loss of bite. Tooth replacement with a denture or partial denture can restore oral function, but your chewing capability remains compromised. But, it is not the case with implants. While eating, an implant can handle any amount of biting pressure you apply to it. They are as strong as your natural teeth. However, remember not to use them as bottle openers.

3. Boosts the Development of Healthy Bone.

Dental implants are such a success in permanent tooth replacement surgery. The titanium substance used in implants can boost bone fusion to the surface of the implant. As a result, when we place the implant into your jaw, your body is naturally tempted to it. As bone blends with the implant’s somewhat ribbed texture, it connects the implant into position, making it an enduring fixture in your mouth. 

4. Dental Implants Enhance Your Facial Profile.

When you have tooth loss, their facial profile may seem “sunk in” because of bone loss from the jaws. Possibly your lips and cheeks look a little thinner as if there is no support behind them. Dental implants replace lost teeth while promoting bone growth; they can also help get a more youthful facial profile. Their stability ensures structural support underneath your soft tissues, allowing you to avoid – or reduce – the aged appearance due to tooth loss.

5. Dental Implants are Easy to Maintain

Daily dental implant care is vital. Care for your implant as you would for your natural teeth! Brush twice a day, floss every day, and get professional teeth cleaning in Orem every six months. If you have a habit of bruxism, wear a nightguard to prevent damaging your implant. Your daily home care routine is most likely the most critical factor in gaining successful treatment outcomes. Easy care of implants makes them an appealing option for tooth replacement.

6. Replace As Many Teeth As You Want with Dental Implants.

There isn’t much you can’t achieve with implants. Whether you choose to replace a single tooth, many teeth at once, or your complete smile, all of those options are available to you in our dental office in Orem for Dental Implant. Because implants are so strong, they can hold out against a great deal of weight. We can use a pair to keep a multiple-tooth bridge or as few as four for an all-on-4 grin treatment. If there is only one missing tooth, we can replace it with a single implant with a crown. 

7. Dental Implants are the Least Invasive Option for Lost Teeth Replacement

The only non-interfering option to a natural-neighboring tooth is a dental implant. Rather than depending on your adjacent tooth for support, the implant sits next to it without ever bothering it. There is no requirement to alter your natural tooth structure. In the case of dental bridges, the neighboring teeth require a considerable amount of modification. 

8. Most Significant Success Rate.

Dental implants have the highest success rate. We use cutting-edge technology and analysis to ensure that each treatment plan is well-considered and efficient. You hope for the best when you have our experts on your side! 

Dental Implants In Orem

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