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Dental bonding, also known as cosmetic bonding, is one of our simplest treatments at the Dental Center. Dental bonding is the process by which our dentists apply a tooth-colored material directly to your tooth in order to make improvements. The material of choice for Dr. Ball and Dr. Broadbent is composite resin, a durable form of plastic. Composite resin is favored not only for its ability to be matched exactly to the color of your natural teeth, but because it also bonds naturally with your original tooth structure, providing extra strength and stability.

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Dental bonding in Orem, Utah, generally takes only one visit to our dental office. After cleaning the tooth and preparing it through a light buffing process, the composite resin is applied directly to the tooth’s surface. Our dentists will then shape the composite resin until it fits perfectly with your natural bite and the curves of your smile. The bond is then cured, often with the help of an ultraviolet light, and polished to a beautiful shine. Dental bonding is ideal for making small changes and minor corrections, such as closing a gap between teeth or improving a tooth’s size and shape. For more information about dental bonding, we invite you to contact our dentists today. We look forward to helping improve your smile!

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Restore broken, chipped teeth with cosmetic bonding; natural, durable restorations make your smile the best it can be!

Restore a single tooth to a healthy look and function.




Restoring chipped, fragile teeth with cosmetic bonding is relatively inexpensive and allows you to smile confidently.




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We love the Dental Center!!! Everyone is so friendly and Dr Ball is the best! Kari, Laura and Jocelyn are the best hygienist and take care of us every time we come in!

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The dental center is the only place I would even consider going. Very friendly staff who know your name and greet you as you enter the room. Wait time is minimal. Dr Ball is awesome as well as the rest of the staff that worked with me . All and all the best experience you can hope for !!!

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Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. We have been going here for years and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a wonderful environment and we love it. Thanks for always taking good care of us.

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The Dental Center is amazing. They make it so comfortable for my kids. They are always accommodating. Dr Broadbent especially is attentive to detail and follows up with issues my kids have. Highly recommend-

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