Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Facts You May Not Know

Facts of Teeth Whitening You Should Know About

1. Teeth Whitening Discovery

You might know how teeth whitening works using hydrogen peroxide, but have you ever wondered how the discovery took place that peroxide could whiten teeth? Well, it was purely by coincidence. In the past, dental patients were motivated to rinse their mouth with mouthwashes having hydrogen peroxide to battle gum disease. Over time, they observed that their teeth became whiter, and that’s how they came into the light. 

2. Teeth have Tiny Pores

Yes, you read that right! Although teeth appear to have a dense plane surface & have thousands of tiny pores. They soak stains from the different beverages and foods you eat. Also, pores open during a teeth whitening treatment to remove the stains from within. Once whitening has finished, the teeth intrinsically remineralize and rehydrate, and the pores shut.

3. Only a Qualified Dental Professional can Whiten your Teeth

Always get your teeth whitened by a professional dentist in Orem or a dental hygienist working under the prescription of a dentist. Why? Because they have experience & know how to whiten your teeth effectively, the teeth whitening products they use have higher amounts of hydrogen peroxide, so you can hope to see a more satisfactory result.

Furthermore, if anything goes wrong and you encounter extreme sensitivity, our dentist is there to monitor the treatment and take necessary reactive moves if necessary.

4. Customized Trays are Essential for Good Results

While most teeth whitening products have similar ingredients & there are many ways to whiten your teeth naturally at home. Do you know the role a custom-fitted whitening tray has to play in the whitening procedure?

When you buy over-the-counter teeth whitening trays, they get manufactured a ‘one size fits all model. It means that in most cases, they won’t suit the shapes of your mouth, and as a result, teeth whitening is often inconsistent. It’s also likely for the whitening gel to drip out and burn the inside of your mouth, causing sore blisters.

On the contrary, when you visit our dentist for a take-home whitening kit, you’ll be issued with custom whitening trays manufactured from an impression of your teeth and gums. Because they fit the contours of your mouth & every one of your teeth will get an even and uniform coverage of the whitening gel, whether your teeth are straight or uneven.

5. Dental Veneers & Crowns Won’t Change their Color

The materials used to manufacture dental veneers and crowns are immune to whitening treatments since this only works on natural teeth. Since your dental repairs were colored to match your natural teeth at the time, this is something you may want to believe before going along with teeth whitening. You could end up with an ill-matched between your newly whitened teeth and your restorations.

It’s also another excuse to visit your dentist for teeth whitening & not only does he know how teeth whitening works, but he can also determine which of your teeth may not whiten and propose an alternative treatment.

Teeth Whitening In Orem, UT

If you feel you know much about teeth whitening facts & you know now whom to call for your teeth whitening in Orem, contact us today, we can make your teeth white & bright as you have always wanted.