Anatomy of tooth

Anatomy of the Tooth 101

Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist twice a year has always been the push for your dental care and always will be. This is what you think of when it comes to your teeth but have your ever thought about what is the anatomy of your teeth?

Understanding your teeth will help motivate you to better take care of them. Your tooth’s anatomy includes these parts:

– Tooth enamel is the outermost surface of the tooth. It is a calcified tissue that covers dentin in the crown of your tooth. Since it doesn’t contain living cells, tooth enamel, after damage from decay or from wear, cannot repair itself. Your dentist can fix it with treatment, but it is best to preserve this part of the tooth to prevent any infections or diseases.

– Dentin is directly underneath tooth enamel, and it contains microscopic tubules. When dentin loses its protective covering, the tubules allow acidic, sticky, hot, and cold foods in, which stimulate the nerves and cells inside the tooth. These cause sensitivity and possible infections to occur.

– The visible part of your tooth underneath your tooth enamel is the crown.

– The neck is the part where the root joins the crown.

– Roots make up more than a half of the tooth and holds it in place. This is the part embedded in bone.

– Gums are soft tissues protecting and covering the roots of your teeth, also covering teeth that have not yet erupted. These are also known as gingiva.

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