know about halitosis

What is Halitosis?

Halitosis is the technical term for chronic bad breath. No matter how many times you brush your tongue, rinse your mouth with mouthwash and eat mints, the bad breath just won’t go away. This can be quite troublesome and annoying! The good news is that the more you know about halitosis, the more you can increase your chances of handling the problem. So, our dentists, Dr. Ball and Dr. Broadbent, would like to tell you all about halitosis today.

Unfortunately, there are many causes of halitosis. Some of those causes include cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, mouth infections, nose infections, throat infections, dry mouth, smoking, using tobacco and chronic health conditions, like diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and gastric reflux. If you are a victim of halitosis, it’s best to treat it right away. Fortunately, our dentist can help you! If you schedule an appointment, he can examine your teeth, gums, smile and mouth and determine the cause of your halitosis. Once the diagnosis is given, he can provide treatment to help you return to a top-notch health and a pristine breath!

There are many treatments available that can help you. There are treatments you can use at home, like improving your oral hygiene routine (make sure to brush twice a day and floss once a day), drink water throughout the day, chew sugarless gum regularly, cut back on caffeine and stop smoking and using tobacco products. There are also professional treatments that can help, like treatments for cavities and gum disease. If a chronic health issue is causing the bad breath, our dentist will refer you to a healthcare professional.

For more information and details about halitosis in Orem, Utah, please contact Dental Center when you can. Our dental team will be more than happy to give you the answers and help you need, so please don’t be afraid to call 801.224.6165!