Prevent Tooth Decay with These 5 Tips

Did you know there is a way you can live your life without having another cavity? Well, it’s true! Tooth decay is a very painful and irritating thing that attacks your teeth if you do not take good care of your smile, but, if you do the following things, there is a high chance that you will have a healthy, strong, and functional smile for a lifetime:

1. Get a professional teeth cleaning every six months. These appointments are very important and they are vital if you wish to have the best oral health possible. During these appointments, your teeth will be deeply cleaned, your teeth will be nourished, and dental problems will be prevented, like tooth decay and gum disease.

2. Brush your teeth every morning and every night as well as after every meal. As you brush, use fluoride toothpaste. By doing so, your teeth will become nourished and strengthened and they will have the resources they need to fight off decay.

3. Consider the option of dental sealants. Dental sealants are thin, plastic products that coat the surfaces of your teeth and protect them from tooth decay, bacteria, and infection. Sealants are great options for back molars and for children who are prone to tooth decay.

4. Rinse your mouth at least once a day with bacteria-killing or fluoride mouthwash. If you do so, your teeth and gums will be deeply cleaned and your smile will be nourished and strengthened, giving you the best chance at having a strong and healthy oral cavity.

5. Eat the best foods and drinks for your teeth. We recommend eating and drinking milk, meat, water, cheese, fruit, and vegetables. We do not recommend eating and drinking sugary foods and drinks like soda, cookies, cake, and candy. However, if you do eat or drink these sugary products, remember to brush your teeth as soon as you are done eating and drinking them.

To learn more about preventing tooth decay, call our office now and talk to a member of our friendly dental team. We are here for you and your smile and we are thrilled to help you fight off cavities!