All about dental bonding

Dental Restorations: Dental Bonding

For a highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatment designed to improve the look and function of your teeth, consider dental bonding treatments. Dental bonds, which are usually made of resin, are durable applications that can protect your teeth from future damage. Dental bonding treatments can cover up the problems associated with damaged teeth. In many situations, chipped or cracked teeth or teeth suffering from discoloration and stains can be corrected through the use of dental bonda. Furthermore, if you would like to close spaces between teeth, or even make your teeth look longer, a dental bond may be the right treatment for you.

Often, individuals who are suffering from gum disease may be experience receding gums. Gum recession occurs when a tooth’s root has been exposed due to gums pulling back away from teeth. This can lead to severe dental damage if it is not protected. Dental bonds can be applied to protect the portion of the tooth’s root that is exposed.

A single dental bond can effectively last up to a decade. Because of their appearance, they provide a visual Improvement to your smile as well.

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