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A Tooth That Can’t Be Saved May Need a Dental Bridge

Severe cavities and oral trauma can sometimes compromise a tooth to the point that our dentists simply cannot viably treat it with a root canal. In these rare and extreme cases, the dentist might suggest extracting the traumatized tooth. This is a simple procedure and can prevent infection and continued pain.

After the gums and any other affected oral tissues have healed, the dentist might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental bridge. A bridge is an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance and function of the original. It will include a pair of crowns. Each end of the dental bridge will need to be cemented onto the two neighboring teeth. Once the bridge is in place, you will need to continue to brush twice a day and floss once a day to ensure that your remaining teeth and gums are healthy, which will allow your beidge to continue to do its job. You should also see your dentist twice a year for your regular cleanings and exams.

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