Dental Sealants

Wonders Dental Sealants Could Do For Your Child’s Teeth

The Benefits Of Dental Sealants & Who Should Get It

Protecting teeth from damage can be crucial and beneficial. There are different ways to protect your teeth from the damage that comes along with the food & beverages you intake. Whether it be consuming sugary foods or forgetting to brush & floss. While it is still best to consult with a dentist in Orem about different protective approaches, one thing that people should consider is dental sealants. 

First, you must know what dental sealants are before understanding their benefits. Dental sealants are plastic layers or covers that are relatively thin. They get painted over the chewing surfaces of molars, which are called grooves and depressions. The sealant will bond with the grooves and depressions, thus guarding against damage.

Benefits Of Dental Sealants

1. Protection

One of the benefits of sealants is that they shield the teeth from things that can decay teeth. The grooves and depressions on the surface of each tooth can easily capture bacteria from food and drinks. Once the bacteria is within them, they eat away at the enamel.

Dental sealants can cover & protect the enamel of your tooth so that decay doesn’t start to damage the tooth. While sealants are thin, they can deliver a lot of defense against tooth damage.

2. Natural-looking

Lots of people aren’t keen on preventive measures for defending their teeth because they’re nervous that it will be evident. However, with sealants, that is far from the point! Dental sealants are transparent or white, and nobody can notice them, thus providing natural safety.

3. Durable & Strong

Once a dental sealant gets bonded completely, a person won’t have much to stress. Sealants are long-lasting and won’t suffer harm from chewing or biting down while eating. They can resist the natural force of eating and won’t need to reapply for a few years.

Who Should Get Dental Sealants?


Once a child’s adult teeth start to come in, it can be helpful to have sealants applied to their molars. Decay can happen early in life and guarding children’s teeth can have many benefits for them afterward in life. It will help avoid severe damage like cavities or decay.


Teenagers are another prospect for having sealants applied & protecting their teeth while still young can help them avoid harm from incurring later on within their adult lives. 

Sealants are a simple and affordable approach that people should invest in to protect their teeth. While anyone can profit from sealants, younger individuals can be the most because their teeth are still new. It’s always good to speak with a dental professional about sealants as they can decide whether or not your molars could make use of them.

If you have questions about sealants, reach out to our dental office in Orem today & get the help of the best in-town sealants experts. We have trained experts who would be pleased to answer your questions or walk you through the dental sealant process. Contact us to book your appointment today!