Emergency dentistry tips

7 Tips from Our Emergency Dentist In Orem

Typically, a dental emergency concerns an infection, fracture, or loss of a tooth that needs prompt treatment. Pain can be a sign of a dental emergency, but not always. Whether you have a steady toothache or a chipped tooth, here are seven tips to help you how to handle a dental emergency & react to a dental emergency.

  • Stay Calm

It’s understandable to panic after chipping a tooth or having a tooth knocked out. However, remaining calm is important while you seek out emergency dental care in Orem, UT. By remaining calm, you’ll be able to remember the instructions better our emergency dentist provides you for how to address a dental emergency.

  • Floss To Remove Trapped Food

If you feel a toothache, just try flossing slowly between your teeth. It’s not unusual for small particles of meals to get caught between teeth. When this happens, it can cause pain, sore gums, and even a toothache.

If you see a piece of food come out while flossing, wait to see if the toothache reduces before calling our dental office. You may not need emergency dental care after that.

  • Call Our Dental Office Immediately

The longer you wait to treat a sore tooth, the more possible the condition will deteriorate. While our emergency dentist does everything in their capacity to save your tooth, his choices are restricted if you wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment with our dental office in Orem, UT. For instance, delaying treating a cavity could mean the contrast between requiring a simple filling and needing an emergency root canal therapy. 

  • Never Touch Tooth Root

If your tooth got knocked out, always pick it up by its top or the crown. You should never pick up or touch a tooth by its roots. Otherwise, you may harm cells.

  • Keep Your Tooth Wet

Teeth can resist a lot, but they require extra care if thr\ey get knocked out. If your tooth got knocked out, make sure it remains wet. This way, you’ll be capable of placing the tooth back in its socket. However, we also know that this isn’t possible always. If you can’t put the tooth back in its socket, we suggest dipping it in milk. It’s imperative to maintain the tooth moisture since its typical environment as your mouth is naturally wet. If your tooth dries out, a dentist won’t be able to plant it back in its socket.

  • Have Someone Else Drive

Your capacity to concentrate on driving gets affected as you’re in pain or worried about what’s going to happen to your smile. We suggest having a loved one drive you to our dental office in Orem, UT if you’re suffering from a lot of pain. That way, you’ll also be capable of focusing on applying first aid until you can see our emergency dentist.

  • Prevent Future Dental Emergencies

In the future, there are measures you can take to control dental emergencies from happening in the first place. For instance, always keep in mind that if you play a contact sport, you are at a higher risk of getting hit in the mouth and requiring emergency dental care. Fortunately, a sports mouthguard forms a defensive barrier over your upper teeth, so you don’t have to stress about knocking out a tooth during your game.

Get Emergency Dental Care In Orem, UT

If you are suffering from a toothache or infection, you better seek dental emergency care from an expert & professional emergency dentist in Orem, UT. Contact us to book your appointment.