teeth whitening precautions

Teeth Whitening: Things to Be Aware Of

Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of their smile. Some are even embarrassed to smile. Of all the ways to beautify a smile, the most requested procedure is teeth whitening. In 2010, Americans spent over 15 billion dollars whitening their teeth. So, if you feel that your smile is lacking some sparkle, you’re not alone.

There are many ways to brighten your smile, including:

– Whitening toothpaste
– Over-the-counter gels, strips, and trays
– Whitening mouthwash
– Whitening products obtained from a dentist

No matter the whitening product you choose, there are several things that can mar the results of your teeth whitening.

– Dental Restorations. Restorations like dental fillings, dental crowns, and dental bridges will not whiten. That means that whitening with dental restorations will result in uneven whitening. The teeth without restorations will appear lighter than those with restorations. Teeth whitening should be done before the placement of dental restorations.

– Plaque. A buildup of plaque will prevent a successful whitening result. Plaque promotes the growth of bacteria that discolor the teeth directly. In addition, plaque will block the whitening product from coming in direct contact with the teeth.

– Inflamed gums. Teeth whitening can cause some gum discomfort. If your gums are inflamed, the process will be much more uncomfortable, especially in the days after you whiten your teeth. If your gums are healthy, they will be less prone to irritation.

– Broken Fillings or Cavities. If the bleaching product comes in contact with deeply exposed tooth structure, you may experience extreme discomfort. If you have not had a dental exam for a while, it is a good idea to hold off on teeth whitening until you are given the OK by Drs. Ball and Broadbent.

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