Is Tooth Sensitivity Scaring You?

If you are a good caretaker of your pearly whites, you are brushing and flossing diligently and showing up for your biannual dental cleanings. But are you inadvertently causing your teeth to become more sensitive?

What is tooth sensitivity? If you are experiencing tooth pain when you are eating, drinking, or breathing in cold air, you may have exposed tooth root which will make you more sensitive to simple daily activities.

What can aggravate tooth sensitivity? Simple things like drinking water with lemon in it or eating grapefruit for breakfast can wear away tooth enamel over time, and here you were just trying to be healthy! Regularly consuming acidic foods can be damaging because they expose the sensitive tooth root underneath the tooth enamel. And if you want to clean the tooth after consuming acidic foods, don’t brush right away! It is better to rinse the mouth with plain water to remove the acids gently without scrubbing them on your enamel.

Another harmful culprit may even be your tooth whitening product. If you are brushing with a baking soda and peroxide toothpaste, over time this will wear down your tooth enamel. Heavy bleaching of your teeth may also make your teeth sensitive over time as well. Switch to a gentler toothpaste with protective fluoride in it.

Your mouthwash may also cause your teeth to become more sensitive if it contains alcohol and your dentin is exposed. You may want to rinse with a fluoride containing mouthwash instead. Fluoride reverses early tooth decay and makes your teeth resistant to acid attacks.

By now you know how important your oral health is for a happier lifestyle. Please check in with our team at The Dental Center if you have any questions or concerns about tooth sensitivity!