tips to handle tooth injury

If You Ever Have an Injury That Knocks a Tooth Out, Here’s What You Should Do

Everyone values their teeth. We understand that our patients take proper precautions to protect their teeth. However, sometimes life offers a swerve and things happen which can end up with a tooth knocked out. If this, unfortunately, happens to you, you should know that you can still keep from losing the tooth by taking the following steps.

The first step you must take in order to try to save the life of your knocked-out tooth is to immediately rinse off debris from the tooth in either lukewarm milk or water. During this process, do not grab the tooth by its root. Be sure to only touch the crown of the tooth while rinsing it. Look at the tooth to see if it is broken. If the tooth is unbroken, try to re-insert the tooth back into its socket. If while inspecting the tooth you notice that it has broken, store it in a glass of milk or on the side of your cheek to keep the tooth from drying out.

After you’ve taken these steps call Dental Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ball and Dr. Broadbent. During your appointment, our dentists will try to re-insert the tooth back in its socket or discuss replacement methods for the tooth if it can’t be salvaged.
If your tooth needs to be replaced, there are several options available. These options include dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures or partial dentures. Call Dental Center in Orem, Utah to learn more.