5 Easy Steps To Find The Best Dentist Emergency Dentist In Orem

When selecting an emergency dentist in Orem, there are many things to consider. It is crucial to select the right dentist to make the process of healing from a dental accident or infection much easier.

By the time a dental emergency occurs, it can be too late to spend time looking for the nearest emergency dentist online or asking for referrals. At this point, people need to handle the emergency and avoid the situation from getting worse. Many people wind up in an emergency room, which is not the best choice.

While the emergency room can treat other wounds and injuries, it does not have the instruments, equipment, or staff ready to handle dental emergencies. With that in mind, we suggest choosing an emergency dentist in Orem before it is required. 

Tips for Choosing an Emergency Dentist


#1. Find The Nearest Emergency Dentist

In a dental emergency, no one likes to drive an hour to find a dentist. It is vital to visit an emergency dentist who is 20 or 30 minutes away. If a patient has to drive far in the case of an emergency, it can only increase stress and make you panic more, making this an essential consideration.

#2. Find Emergency Dentistry That Accepts Insurance

Ask a dentist if they accept dental insurance. If they do not, it is good to know this before visiting them at the time of an emergency. The insurance provider can also give a list of dentists who accept the plan and are available for treating patients on an emergency basis.

#3. Inquire ABout their Emergency Hours

Find out what hours an emergency dentist is available to address the patient. If there is a concern that a dental emergency may occur the night or on weekends due to an event, it is wise to find an emergency dentist who is open during those times. Otherwise, finding a dentist who accepts patients on an emergency ground is likely to do the job.

#4. What Services Do They Offer

Ask a dentist what services they offer. Finding one who treats patients on an emergency basis and handles dental restorations will make life easier. For example, if a tooth gets chipped, it will be essential to visit an emergency dentist in Orem. If that same dentist practices cosmetic dentistry and restores the tooth using multiple options, there will be no need for dental work completed somewhere else.

#5. Ask What Age They Treat

Find out what ages a dentist treats before you go in to get yourself or your kid treated. If they only treat adult patients, visiting the dentist when a five-year-old chips the tooth is of no use. Make a point to ask about the age ranges a dentist cares for so that when an emergency occurs, your family runs in the right direction.

Emergency Dentist In Orem

Finding an emergency dentist with several years of experience treating patients is not that difficult. At The Dental Center, we aim to provide the best emergency dentistry services to our patients that come to our dental office in need of urgent attention. Our emergency dentist in Orem offers multiple services & can treat you if you have loose teeth, knocked-out teeth, broken filling, toothache, implant issues, or any cosmetic dentistry requirement. 

We suggest you keep in touch with a dentist that knows all about your oral health & most of all, you must regularly visit your dentist for oral examination to avoid a sudden future dental emergency. If you need an emergency dentist in Orem, you can call us at